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1705 Ocean Ave #404 Santa Monica, CA
1755 Ocean Ave #403, 605 Santa Monica, CA
4 Gaucho Dr. Rolling Hills Estates, CA
869 Bundy Dr. Brentwood, CA
2311 4th St. Santa Monica, CA
8624 Fennell Place Hollywood, CA

Brokers open today TUESDAY 8/1/2017

2217 Guthrie Dr. Beverlywood, Charlene Chardonnay Hartenstein
4 Gaucho Dr. Rolling Hills Estates, Billie Scelza
8624 Fennell Place West Hollywood, Aryan Salam
1755 Ocean Ave #401 Santa Monica, Susan Livingston

looking for a few good agents


Job Description
A Real Estate Agent is a real estate agent who helps clients with the purchase and sale of their home. In this position, you will assist clients with listing and selling their home and guide them through the home search and purchase process. Real Estate is a challenging and exciting business and as a Real Estate Sales Agent, you will be the key resource for your clients to make the most important purchase and sale of their life. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential to this role.

Job Responsibilities

Consult clients on how to list their home for sale to sell quickly and for a favorable price

Be available to take clients on home tours and attend open houses

Offer advice on how to market a home for sale to make it unique within the local real estate market

Mediate all negotiations between sellers and purchasers and communicate with fellow real estate agents to represent your clients’ best interests

Understand your local real estate market and be informed on recent home sales

About URBAN Living Real Estate, our mission is to create and deliver unparalleled customer service. Founded in 2016, URBAN has grown to over 30 agents in 1 year.

To work as a real estate agent you must have (or obtain) a real estate license. Have a driver’s license.  310-633-4257 Mary Cronin22015_gold (2)




5199 Berryman Ave. Culver City, CA 90230

3 bedroom

1 bath

1030 Sq. Ft.

Open today 11am-2pm


855 N. Croft #303 Leased
West Hollywood, CA
call Jessica Johnson
Price $5950
For Lease
Bathrooms: 2.5
Square footage: 1800
1705 Ocean Ave # 103 Leased
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Open Today 1p-5p
call Aryan Salam
Price $4995
Bathrooms: 1
Square footage: 869
1755 Ocean Ave #407 Leased
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Open today 1p-5p
Call Mary Cronin
Price:$13,000 per month
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Square footage: 2000
1819 S. Cochran Place Sold
Los Angeles, CA
Call Gary Allen Green II
Open House 2p-5p
Price: $969,000
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5
Square footage: 2000


About URBAN Living Real Estate


Los Angeles, CA (February 20, 2017) — Urban Living, a full-service real estate acquisition, development, leasing and management company, headed by award-winning realtor Mary Cronin.
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Urban prides itself on providing clients with honest and informed advice while working to establish attainable sales.
With clientele from around the world, Ms. Cronin and Urban assist in the full gamut of real estate endeavors – from securing that once-in-a-lifetime dream home, futuristic land development, leasing sales and on-going property management, to list but a few. She has developed a diversified portfolio of residential, commercial, industrial and rental properties throughout the state.
Her straight-forward philosophy: “I will negotiate the best price for property acquisition, assist in its development and also bring you  buyers.”
She adds: “Since we opened our office,,” the response has been overwhelming..”
Ms. Cronin is the President and founder of Urban Living Real Estate.

Mary Ann Osborn

Next Century Realty

Direct of Sales for Century Plaza Residences

1999 Avenue of the Stars

Los Angeles, CA 90094

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Mary Cronin. Until just recently, while at Related as their SVP of Sales, I worked with Mary Cronin on The Seychelle and The Waverly in Santa Monica, a total of 158 residences ranging from $1M to $10M. During the time we worked together we were successful in achieving the highest price per square foot in Santa Monica on sales. Additionally,  I have learned with over $1 billion in sales,  that a resale agent with no new home experience is not an asset in closing a sale, as there are so many nuances in new development that are not found in resales. Her interpersonal skills are exemplary and appreciated by everyone who works with her.

Furthermore, she has continued to set records in the resales of both buildings. Her success was a direct result of the sales and marketing plans designed and implemented by her. Her intimate knowledge of the area and the nuances of selling new homes was invaluable in converting customers to buyers.

Besides being a joy to work with, Mary Cronin is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits while matching the customer with the correct residence. Additionally she knows how to sell the higher value because she believes in the product and knows she has a fiduciary to the Seller. Moreover, she has successfully developed several marketing plans for other new home developments which have resulted in increased annual revenue.

She has proven that she can be trusted to deliver a successful close on a tight schedule.

If it’s not obvious already, I highly recommend Mary Cronin for employment in any new home sales development. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. If you have any further questions with regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call me.


Mary Ann Osborn



• Must be a great organizer

• Quality worker

• Optimists with positive energy that people look forward to working with

• Team player

• Licensed agents with knowledge of CAR Forms


• MUST BE ABLE TO managing the paperwork associated with a sale

• Communicate daily with clients and with other agents to ensure all needs are met and all details attended to.

• Represent your clients’ best interests with all associated with the property, appraisers and buyers.

• Have positive working relationships with all clients, and fellow agents.

• Schedule appointments; conduct showings and open houses.

• Manage escrow activity to ensure all events are happening within appropriate time frame; follows up with all parties to ensure compliance

• Be on a winning team and enjoy working, innovating, and working together.

Required Qualifications:

– California Real Estate Licensed agent is a MUST

– Knowledge of CAR forms

– Proficiency with MLS, CAR Forms and Docusign or we will teach you!

We are a new Real Estate company Looking for bright agents!

3 westside offices to choose from

PAcific Palisades, Brentwood and Santa Monica

Commission splits to be discussed


Property Management

If you own rental property, deciding to work with a property management company to represent your property is a big decision. While a lot of owners self-manage their homes, using a management company is an alternative way to secure rental income for less stress and less dedicated time. The trade off for working with a property manager does mean less income from your property as the result of owed management fees.
Property managers collect fees for services to keep your property occupied by a reliable tenant and to handle the dirty work, like late night phone calls, maintenance management, hunting down rent payments, or dealing with an eviction process.

Every task that a property manager performs for your investment is done to promote the success of the property. If you are new to the industry, management companies will also have all the appropriate leases, applications, notices of entry and other relevant documents, as well as screening procedures and knowledge of the landlord tenant laws in your state.

One negative seen from working with a property manager are management fees that are collected out of your rental income. Some owners will base a management decision purely on the cost of services, and while cost should be considered, it is important to understand what type of fees a particular management firm collects and why.

Property management fees are typically set up as a percentage based fee, flat fee, or billed per project. URBAN 5% monthly of gross rents.

Leasing Fee: A leasing fee is charged to owners to cover the cost associated with advertising and showing your rental property, reviewing applications, screening tenants, processing lease paperwork, and preparing a property for move-in. Leasing fees usually cost 75-100% of the first month’s rent and are sometimes be referred to as placement fees. URBAN 2.5% of yearly rent total. If another agent is involved 5% total.

Monthly Management Fee: A monthly management fee is collected for services associated with accepting and processing rent payments, ensuring tenant rent payments, property inspections, maintenance management, and emergency maintenance calls. Monthly management fees typically range from 7-10% of collected rent on a property. An owner should double check the management’s policy about monthly fees based on collected rent or rent due. URBAN 5% of gross monthly rents.

Owners can decide to work with a property management company just for leasing, for regular monthly management, or both.

Other Types of Management Fees

Vacancy Fee: Some property managers collect a fee even if your rental property is vacant and not making any rental income. Vacancy fees can range from a small flat fee or the regular monthly management fee even if no rent income is coming in.URBAN 0 charge

On-boarding Fee: An on-boarding fee, or setup fee, may be charged as a one time amount to establish a new partnership with management company and set up your account. Setup fees can vary depending on how many properties or units exist in your portfolio.

Late Fee: If a tenant needs to pay a late fee for a late rent payment, a management company can choose to collect all or a portion of late fees charged to your tenants, or pass along 100% of late fees to you as the owner. 50-50 between URBAN and owner

Maintenance Fee: Depending on who the management company uses for repairs and property maintenance, they may charge a markup for cost of services and keep the difference from the owner as management income. URBAN 0

Lease Renewal Fee: When a current tenant decides to renew their lease for your property a management company may charge a flat fee per property or a full month’s rent, by treating the lease renewal like a leasing fee. URBAN 1%

Eviction Fee: Evictions can take a lot of time to process, especially if taken through to court. Management companies may charge fees based on the amount of effort 0 and time it took to remedy or process an eviction. URBAN 1%

Other Income Fees: Management companies may keep all, part of, or none of income associated with returned check fees, rental income for pets, lease violation fees, unpaid invoice fees, bill payment fees, or income from laundry or vending machines. TBD

When assessing a property management company, make sure to ask specific questions about their fee structure and the services included. Consider the management company’s overall performance and decide if it is worth paying for all their services or if another firm would suit your needs better. As an owner, you also have the opportunity to negotiate contract terms.

Some owners may feel like they are overpaying for management services because when things are going well with their property, they can see fees as wasted income. However, when a manager is needed for time consuming or stressful duties, you may appreciate and understand the cost of services.

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