Dear Mean People!

Dear Mean People from my past,

Is it really necessary to be as rude and cold hearted as you? Is it really necessary to walk around like you seriously care?… while having the dirtiest look on your face. Is it really necessary to talk about people that have been nothing but nice and supportive of you? Making people feel like crap because you’re having a bad day? Is any of it really necessary?

I guess I just don’t understand how you mean people don’t feel guilt or remorse after bullying someone to have second thoughts about their decisions to further their career where you had NO INTERESTED in them when they were begging for help!, sometimes even literally. Does being the Bully of Venice make you feel important? and bring you happiness? Does it make you feel better to take your anger out on others and talk down to them because you are having a bad day and not able to lead properly??

We all know the movie Mean Girls is a classic, but you mean people are sad to say the least. You had a supportive friend in me, Unfortunately, the bond is now broken .urbanhead