looking for a few good agents


Job Description
A Real Estate Agent is a real estate agent who helps clients with the purchase and sale of their home. In this position, you will assist clients with listing and selling their home and guide them through the home search and purchase process. Real Estate is a challenging and exciting business and as a Real Estate Sales Agent, you will be the key resource for your clients to make the most important purchase and sale of their life. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential to this role.

Job Responsibilities

Consult clients on how to list their home for sale to sell quickly and for a favorable price

Be available to take clients on home tours and attend open houses

Offer advice on how to market a home for sale to make it unique within the local real estate market

Mediate all negotiations between sellers and purchasers and communicate with fellow real estate agents to represent your clients’ best interests

Understand your local real estate market and be informed on recent home sales

About URBAN Living Real Estate, our mission is to create and deliver unparalleled customer service. Founded in 2016, URBAN has grown to over 30 agents in 1 year.

To work as a real estate agent you must have (or obtain) a real estate license. Have a driver’s license.  310-633-4257 Mary Cronin22015_gold (2)


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